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I’ll be missing my session due to the fact that Lainey and I are in Italy! It’s late here, but I thought I’d drop in for a moment to say hello. Italy has been wonderful. The weather is great, and the art is even better. We’ve procured four wonderful pieces so far, including a magnificent sculpture from a local artist that is looking to expand in the US. I have a good feeling about this artist.

Lainey is missing her family, which I understand completely since I miss Adam and Bella terribly. But we’re determined to make the best out of our trip. We have one more full day here, and after an early meeting with an art dealer, we will hit some of the museums. And, of course, shop! If I don’t bring something back for Princess Bella she will never forgive her mama!

Okay, signing off for now. I have an overwhelming need to call my husband.